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Accounting | Bookkeeping







1) Accounting | Bookkeeping

  • Classification and Registration of Accounting Support Documentation(includes control of fixed assets);
  • Compliance with all Periodic Tax Obligations related to Accounting;
  • Conference of Third Party Accounts (clients and suppliers);
  • Monthly Banking Conciliation and Cash Funds Conference;
  • Monthly Financial Analysis;
  • Outsourcing in Management and Treasury Support:

Administrative (at the level of organizing documentary support of accounting and billing);

Treasury (payments: taxes, salaries and suppliers);

  • Year-end Bookkeeping;
  • Support in the preparation of Annual Management Report(annexes), minutes, among others of equal obligation.


2) Taxation

  • Tax Consulting;
  • Delivery of all Periodic Tax Obligations;
  • Preparation of FInancial Statements(Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flows, attachments,...);
  • Delivery of all Annual Tax Declarations to Portuguese Tax Authority.


3) Human Resources

  • Payroll;
  • Compliance with all Declarative Obligations(Tax Authority, Social Security);
  • Management of Human Resources Database;
  • Support in the preparation of the "Single Report"(Relatório Único).


4) Partnerships in Legal Support and Insurance



Our Work



Our Accounting Office is made up of four members, two of whom are Certified Accountants and the others Accounting Technicians - all with specific training in the area of Accounting and Business Management.

Our services always seek to reflect the true and fair image of the company having in regard the International Accounting Standards and National Regulations.


Accounting is a science that studies patrimony from an economic and financial point of view and is based on its own techniques or procedures. Accounting should be seen as an indispensable support tool to business management.

A contabilidade é uma ciência que estuda o património do ponto de vista económico e financeiro e baseia-se em técnicas ou procedimentos próprios. Cada vez mais a contabilidade deve ser encarada como uma ferramenta indispensável de apoio à gestão.


Advisory is given based on monthly financial analysis, as a result of our processing of the accounting support documentation, it reveals the evolution of the company's activity and prospect the closing of the fiscal year. This analysis is available on our client area so that management support information is given in a timely manner. This procedure allows for a more efective management that helps ensure success. We can also propose regular meeting in our accounting office.

Other documentation, such as a permanent certificate, non-debt certificates, proof of commencement of activity, mandatory tax declarations and other similar matters, adjusted to the needs of our clients, can also be viewed in the "Client Area".


Another relevant factor is the constant change in the Portuguese tax system which is in fact a reality to which it is not possible to be oblivious. It is our intention to ensure the best fiscal result, for this it is indispensable, to have in a timely manner the goals and the ways to achieve them outlined, so that we can give a proper advice on how to achieve them.


Last but not least is the continuous control of third party accounts as well as important bank accounts supporting vectors to accounting / management and decision making. In this way it is possible to trace the payment needs and make forecast of collection in the short term, which generates treasury stability, alerting to foreseeable imbalances with the necessary anticipation.



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